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Devoted to make your travel the most memorable

We have readied various provisions to support the guest’s every need.

  • Front Lobby
  • Shop・Convenience
  • Banquet Halls・After-Party Spot
  • Noguchi Collection
  • Relaxation

Front Lobby・Shop Information

1F Front Lobby

  • Front Lobby
  • Front Lobby
  • Front Lobby

A relaxed atmosphere to unwind in. With a hospitable heart and smile, we will assist you with your journey.
At night, you can enjoy illumination of the Soraniwa garden of the forest.

1F “Mori no Nigiwai” Shop, “Meisui Mart” Convenience Shop

  • “Mori no Nigiwai” Shop, “Meisui Mart” Convenience Shop
  • “Mori no Nigiwai” Shop, “Meisui Mart” Convenience Shop
  • “Mori no Nigiwai” Shop, “Meisui Mart” Convenience Shop

When you stay at our hotel, please be sure to see the 1F shop “Mori no Nigiwai”. A selection of Kita Yuzawa souvenirs, including a variety of goods for daily life are available.
At the convenience store, we also have goods you may need during your time, so we have you covered!

Banquet Halls・After-Party Spot

2F Banquet Halls

  • Banquet Halls
  • Banquet Halls

Our banquet hall is prepared for guests to use for anything from wedding ceremony, wedding reception, various parties, conferences, seminars, workshops and so on.

【Large Japanese-style Banquet Hall】
“Hanamizuki with a 465 square-meter space
3 divisions possible (Hanamizuki, Fuyou, Kobushi)
【Medium-size Japanese-style Banquet Room】
Ajizai, Rindo, Suzuran 37 square-meter space, 3 rooms

B1F Karaoke

B1F Karaoke

Have a pleasurable time over drinks while singing with friends or family.

【Open Hours】
   Weekdays: 10:00 – 23:00
   Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10: 00 – 24: 00
5 rooms, 67 people
10:00 – 18:00
1 room (60 min)
1,000 yen (926 yen w/out tax)

18:00 – onward
1 person (60 min)
800 yen (741 yen w/out tax)

Noguchi Collection

Noguchi Collection

  • Noguchi Collection
  • Noguchi Collection
  • Noguchi Collection

It is a collection of books carefully selected by the manager of the hotel, Hideo Noguchi.
You can read your favorite books freely in the bar, lounge, or even to have them in your room. Especially for those who want to ease their busy mind leafing through some literature, it’s a place for you to retreat during your stay.


1F Relaxation

  • Relaxation
  • Relaxation

For Both Men and Women There is a massage corner located near the entrance of the first floor large bath area.
Would you like to relax and rid yourself of the tiredness on your travel? In addition, we have reflexology for the hands and arms.

【Open Hours】
Weekdays 16:00 – 23:30
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 16:00 – 24:00
Relaxation Menu
Personalized 100-Minute Course

This popular course lets your whole body unravel in bliss and balance! (Combination of full body soft tissue massage + foot care + head care + hand care)

  • 100 minutes … 12,420yen
Body – Full Body Soft Tissue Massage

Full body kneading in a soothing strength (customer is clothed).

  • 60 minutes  …  7,290yen
  • 40 minutes … 5,670yen
  • 30 minutes … 4,590yen
Foot – Foot Care

With an application of cream to sooth and stimulate your feet and muscles comfortably (we can adjust strength)

  • 40 minutes (including calves) … 5,670yen
  • 20 minutes … 3,240yen
Head / Hand – Head Care or Hand Care

For those with tired hands or head. Especially effective when combined with another course.

  • 20 minutes … 3,240yen

10-minute extension of the above relaxation menu is possible at 1,350 yen.

Aesthetic Menu
Aroma Facial and Body

Both face and body are completely refreshed, moistened. (Only the 120-minute plan includes a facial pack)

  • 120 minutes … 18,900 yen
  • 90 minutes … 15,120 yen
Aroma Body

Relaxes the body and moistures the skin according to specialized aromatherapy.

  • 60 minutes … 10,800yen
  • 45 minutes … 8,640yen
  • 30 minutes … 6,480yen
Aroma Facial

Smooths the flow of lymph from the head to the upper chest and back, promotes healthy skin.

  • 60 minutes (treatment, pack, finishing) … 10,800yen
  • 20 minutes (treatment, finishing) … 8,100yen

10-minute extension of the above esthetic menu is possible at 2,160 yen.

  • Aesthetic
  • Aesthetic
  • Aesthetic